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Yalemisew Abgaz is an Assistant Professor of Computing at the School of Computing, Dublin City University, Ireland. Yalemisew coordinates the University-wide Data Literacy and Analytics module designed for more than ten DCU Futures programs. Yalemisew is the designer and coordinator of the module delivered to more than 800 DCU students in the 2022/23 academic year. As part of the HCI initiative, Yalemisew is working with the Dean for Strategic Learning Innovation and the Transversal Skills Program Director. Based in the School of Computing, Yalemisew is also involved in the teaching and supervision of MSc and PhD students.

Yalemisew is mainly interested in topics at the intersection between data analytics, semantic web technologies, knowledge representation and natural language processing including ontology development, ontology evolution, semantic search, semantic publishing, information retrieval, and computational creativity. He has published his research work in top-ranked peer-reviewed journals and conferences and served as a reviewer of conferences and workshops.

Yalemisew has been a funded principal investigator(2019-2021) on the ChIA project affiliated with the Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities at the Austrian Academy of Sciences. ChIA is a Digital Humanities research project aiming to enhance the access and analysis of cultural data by testing semantic tools and AI technologies on cultural and historical images.

Yalemisew has been a senior research fellow in the Future Software Systems Architecture Project at the Lero Research Centre (2021-2022), a research fellow and postdoctoral researcher at the ADAPT Centre at Dublin City University (2017-2021) affiliated with the Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities at the Austrian Academy of Sciences, and a postdoctoral researcher (2014-2017) at Maynooth University.

Yalemisew’s early research covered the application of Semantic Web technologies focusing on ontology evolution and its impact on content management systems. Yalemisew’s broader research area encompasses the application of semantic web technologies in data analytics, natural language processing, digital humanities, health, and computational creativity. Yalemisew is an associate faculty at the National College of Ireland, School of Computing and delivered modules including Algorithms and Advanced Programming, Databases, Data Analytics, and Research Methods.

Types of projects he is looking to supervise:
Digital Culture and Skills: Projects covering a wide range of semantic modelling in the area of digital humanities. Projects involving research in digital literacy and data literacy and analytics.
Innovative Business Models and Data Ecosystems: Projects focusing on the extraction and modelling of knowledge and its capturing and representation for supporting business decision-making.

Research Areas:

Knowledge Representation/Extraction
Semantic Modelling
Ontology (Knowledge graph) development and evolution
Natural language processing
Data Analytics