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DIGI+ will merge the sides of the ‘knowledge triangle’.

DIGI+ is a Multifaceted, International and Intersectoral & Interdisciplinary Post Doctorol Programme that has wide reach in terms of its impact to the community at large.

Institutional impact:

DIGI+ is built upon the experience and expertise of NUIM and its partners and it is designed to be an exemplar for the Irish Higher Education system on matters relating to researcher careers, training, and HR. DIGI+ will enhance the national and international reputation, and strengthen the research setting, of NUIM and all partners.

DIGI+ fellows will provide regular feedback of research results into teaching and education at the hosts (i.e., Seminars, Webinars, Guest Lectures).

This will have medium-term impact, in terms of enhanced participation in projects (incl. HE), sustainability of research training and a long-term impact in terms of benchmarking with the best in Europe and a more prominent voice for researchers.

Regional/National impact:

Digital Transformation is of significant strategic importance to Ireland and Internationally, and it is embedded in the Eastern and Midland Regional Spatial & Economic Strategy 2019-2031 (RSES) which requires a strong economic base with enterprises, innovation, and skills by investing in Science, Technology, and Innovation.

Significant research outputs will be generated that will be communicated and disseminated to the widest possible audience, thereby advancing state-of-the-art practices in the research field while maximizing impact. DIGI+ will provide increased contribution to the local, regional and national socio- economic ecosystems.

International/European impact:

DIGI+ will provide the ERA with a cohort of highly trained research leaders in Digital Transformation. DIGI+ is fully committed to support the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development by leading Digital Transformation Research.

The new EU Digital Strategy, “Shaping Europe’s Digital Future” sets out ambitious goals. DIGI+ will establish new practices and approaches to digital transformation, advancing the research along the 4 broad themes underpinning DIGI+.

The European Skills Agenda, reshaped to help Europe recover from the Covid-19 pandemic, indicates that over the next 5 years Europe should see an increase of 64% in the total number of adults with low qualifications, totalling 14 million people.

A skills revolution is required to ensure people can thrive in the green and digital transitions. DIGI+ can contribute to such a revolution.