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Noel Carroll, UoG

Digital transformation, AI, low-code/no-code, process modelling, analytics

Markus Helfert, MU

Data Governance, Digital Transformation, Service Innovation, Process Science, Smart Cities

Peter Robbins, DCU

Corporate Innovation, design thinking, creativity, intrapreneurship

Bashar Nuseibeh, UL

Security, privacy, digital forensics compliance, automation, adaptive systems, socio-technical resilience, Values and ethics

Gabriel-Miro Muntean, DCU

multimedia networking, personalised technology-enhanced learning
performance of IoT systems

Fiona Gilchrist, UL

Software Engineering, Automotive – Connected Autonomous Vehicles

Kieran Conboy, UoG

responsible, analytics/AI, digital transformation, time and technology, development methods

Klaas-Jan Stol, UCC

Human aspects, open source community, agile and lean methods

Jane Walsh, UoG

mHealth, Connected Health, Health Behaviour, Person-centred design; Stakeholder engagement.

Rachel McDonnell, TCD

Computer animation, virtual reality, perception, virtual humans, machine learning for animation

James O’Higgins Norman, DCU

Bullying, Cyberbullying, Online Safety, Social Media

Neil Rowan,TUS

Medical devices; Onehealth; food systems; Sustainability; Bioeconomy

P.J. Wall, TCD, TU Dublin

AI, AI ethics, sustainability, mHealth, global development

Zohreh Pourzolfaghar, NUIM

Information Management, Information Exchange, Digital Twin, BIM

Brendan Spillane, UCD

Misinformation, Disinformation, Bias, Credibility, News, Information Security, Human Judgement of Information at the intersection of Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Behavioural Science and Information Science.

Steven Davy, TU Dublin

Artificial Intelligence, Sustainability, Data Centres, Energy Efficiency

Silvana Togneri MacMahon, DCU

Risk Management, Health Information Technology Systems, Standards, Data Governance, Interoperability

Irina Tal, DCU

cyber security, blockchain, smart cities, technology enhanced learning

Mark Campbell, UL

esports science; gaming; neurocognition; human computer interaction (HCI); cognition in action

Robert Ross, TU Dublin

healthcare assistants culture HRI monitoring

Rob Brennan, UCD

Data Governance, Data Quality, AI governance, Data Protection, Knowledge Graphs,

Yalemisew Abgaz, DCU

Knowledge Representation/Extraction, Semantic Modelling, Ontology (Knowledge graph) development and evolution, Natural language processing, Data Analytics

Kevin Doherty, UCD

Human-Computer Interaction. Healthcare. Mental Health Technology. Design Research.

Owen Conlan, TCD

Personalisation; AI; digital agents; scrutability; human-in-the-loop

Brian Davis, UCD

NLP for online safety, offensive content detection, child protection, NLP applications for the Irish language

Andrew Hines, UCD

Deep Learning (Self-supervised learning, e.g. wav2vec2)
Quality of Experience
Speech and Audio

Donal Sexton, TCD

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, healthcare.

Rónán Kennedy, UoG

Environment, legal, lawtech, law, regulation

Ashish Kumar Jha, TCD

Explainable AI, Value of Data, Misinformation; social media

Cathal Gurrin, DCU

lifelogs, search engines / information retrieval, artificial intelligence, user modeling, human-computer-interaction

Benjamin Cowan, UCD

Human-Computer Interaction, Human-Centered AI, Conversational AI, Language Production, Decision Making

Niall Murray, TU Shannon

eXtended Reality, Quality of Experience, Human Centric AI, Volumetric Video, Game Design/Development

Ita Richardson, UL

Connected health, software engineering, requirements engineering, healthcare for minority groups

Lucy Hederman, TCD

health informatics; clinical research informatics; data integration; data quality; data harmonisation; automated data pipelines

Martin Glavin, UoG

Agriculture, Sensors, Embedded, AI, Software

Anya Belz, DCU

Natural Language Generation, AI, Natural Language Processing Evaluation, Reproducibility

Fabiano Pallonetto, MU

Renewable Energy, Energy Systems, Energy Integration, Data Analytics, Sustainable Energy, Smart Grid, Energy Management, Energy Efficiency, Decarbonization

Claire Donohoe, TCD

Real world evidence, OMOP, patient reported outcomes measures

Rem Collier, UCD

Web Architecture, Multi Agent Systems, Microservices, Linked Data

Martin Mullins, UL

AI Governance, Risk, Ethics

Gavin Doherty, TCD

Human-computer interaction, digital health, human-centered AI, mobile health, engagement

Sarah Foley, UCC

Women’s Health; Health Care Technologies; Qualitative Methods; Co-Design.

Edward Jones, UoG

Signal processing, machine learning, digital healthcare, connected and autonomous vehicles, smart agriculture

Pierangelo Rosati, UoG

Digital business; digitalisation of towns and cities; technology adoption; blockchain; cloud computing.

Amel Bennaceur, UL

Software Engineering, Human-AI Collaboration,
Responsible Software, Adaptive Systems

Malika Bendechache, UoG

Machine Learning
Big Data
Trustworthy AI