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Documentation required

Applicants must submit the following documentation at the application stage:

Part A: Administrative Information

  • The information includes details of the applicant, project, academic host, and supervisor
  • Applicants must indicate the project’s thematic area, up to 5 keywords and submit a 2000-character proposal summary

Part B: Research Proposal

The template provided here must be used to submit the proposal uploaded as a PDF-file (max. 10 pages) Download template

Part C: Curriculum Vitae

Uploaded as a PDF-file (max. 5 pages)

Part D: Ethics Self-Assessment

In addition to the aforementioned documents applicants, who in “Part A – Administrative Information” indicate that ethical issues are associated with their research, are required to complete and submit this document.Download template

Research Proposal Requirements

Applicants may choose their research topic, provided it falls within the DIGI+ overall strategic research areas. The proposal topic must be in line with the broad DIGI+ research themes and addressing digital transformation challenges supporting the EU sustainability goals

Proposals must describe a research project to be implemented during a 2-year period

Applications must be prepared in consultation with the proposed supervisor

Applicants may contact, discuss and seek advice from the proposed supervisors. The proposed supervisor can advise in the proposal writing; The supervisors will have no role in the recruitment process or decision making and specifically, supervisor’s approval is not required for submission

The proposal must describe a research project that can be feasibly undertaken within the two-year fellowship duration.

The proposal must adhere to the ethical standards applicable to the DIGI+ programme

NOTE: If you are unsure whether your topic falls under the DIGI+ research themes, please contact and we will get back to you.

Please be aware that any delays in such responses will not be considered for Application Deadlines hence the applicant must ensure that enough time is considered for receiving such information.