Non-Academic Secondments

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Possible DIGI+ Secondment Hosts (Associated Partners):

Donegal County Council

Expleo Technology Ireland ltd

Health Service Executive

Mayo County Council

Bridgecastle Information Management Ltd

Leitrim County Council

UNIVIV One Health Solutions

Keywater Fisheries Limited

Creditsafe Services ltd (Irish Branch)

Talent Cloud Media

The Kilkenny Group (Clydaville Investments Limited)

Meath Enterprise Centre Company Limited

Accelopment Schweiz ag


Shared Vision Technology Ltd

Tourismus Interaktiv GmbH

Arancia Innovation Consulting Technology S.R.L.

Banbridge District Enterprises Ltd

Plan for the non-academic secondments in the proposal:

  • Technical objective of non-academic secondments must be planned in the research proposal, and, where possible, a suggested secondment host should be identified
  • Secondments must be 6 months in duration and may be a single period or where the research warrants the period could be broken up into shorter stays of at least 2 months duration each
  • All Fellows must complete an intersectoral secondment of 6 months duration
  • Applicants will be provided with a list of possible secondment organisations but are free to suggest additional (national/international) secondment hosts provided they fit with the developmental needs of the fellow and/or the research project
  • Where secondment details cannot be finalised prior to submission, secondment hosts will not be evaluated as part of the selection process
  • Successful applicants will be supported in finalising a secondment host and supervisor by the primary supervisor and the Operational Support Team (OST) prior to the start of the fellowship
  • Eligible secondment hosts will need to be non-academic research performing organisations located anywhere in the world            
  • DIGI+ Primary Academic Supervisors along with the National University of Ireland Maynooth Associate Director Commercialisation will support applicants in finalising their secondment hosts and supervisors with the support of the DIGI+ Operational Support Team (OST).