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Kieran Conboy


Kieran Conboy is a Professor in the School of Business & Economics at the University of Galway and is a co-Principal Investigator in the Lero Irish Software research centre. He previously worked for Accenture Consulting and the University of New South Wales in Australia.

He is the incoming editor-in-chief of the European Journal of Information Systems and has chaired international conferences in his field.He is also on the board of the Irish Research Council, and has previously been Head of the School of Business as well as Dean of Business, Public Policy & Law.

Kieran has published over 150 articles in leading international journals and conferences including Information Systems Research, the European Journal of Information Systems, Information Systems Journal, the Journal of the AIS, IEEE Software, the International Conference in Information Systems and the European Conference in Information Systems.

He is looking to supervise projects on responsible AI or responsible tech generally. He is also interested in projects that critically evaluate emerging tech concepts such as digital transformation. He also welcome projects that look at time and technology and particularly the over-emphasis on speed, velocity and on society’s over-reliance on tech in an increasingly digital and accelerated and dynamic world. His team have many existing projects will collaborators such as Intel, SINTEF Norway, Fidelity Investments, Dell and others, as well as academic partners such as the University of Sydney, MIT, NTNU, the University of Agder. The recruited fellows are more than welcome to collaborate with these partners.

Research Areas:

Responsible, analytics/AI, digital transformation, time and technology, development methods