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Dr Brian Davis


Dr Brian Davis Assistant Professor in Computing, Dublin City University and member of the SFI funded ADAPT Centre. Prior to taking up my appointment in 2019.

He was a Lecturer at the Department of Computer Science, Maynooth University. From June 2014- August 2017, he was a Research Fellow, Adjunct Lecturer and Research Unit Leader at the INSIGHT Center for Data Analytics, NUI Galway (NUIG), where he led the Knowledge Discovery Unit focusing on the specific research areas of: Natural Language Processing, Data Visualization and Knowledge Discovery from heterogeneous data sources.

He was also charged with managing a work package of the SFI Insight Grant. In addition, he was Principle Investigator of two SFI co-funded Targeted Projects (Elsevier and DataLive, respectively), Furthermore I was Coordinator of a 3 year Horizon 2020 Innovation Action – SSIX – Social Sentiment Financial Indexes (Grant No 645425).

While his original core expertise intersects with Natural Language Processing(NLP) and Ontology Development, he has expanded and diversified his research capacity over the years to other fields such as multilingual opinion mining of social media (application in finance, politics and online safety).

Philosophically, he is orientated to the practice of language engineering, which aims to bridge the gap between computational linguistics/language processing research and the implementation of practical applications with potential real-world use. Examples include pipelined neural architectures for building Data2Text Natural Language Generation (NLG) systems (ii) detection and removal of bias from job adverts with the recruitment domain iii) applications of NLP to cyberbullying detection in short noisy text.

Types of projects he is looking to supervise:

For this call, Dr Brian Davis is looking for projects focused on projects with a focus on i) developing information extraction and linguistic annotation technologies for the Irish Langauge in line with the Digital Plan for Irish (Linguistically Inclusive and sustainable Digital Culture and Skills) ii) applications of NLP within the online safety domain, detection of offensive, toxic content, cyberbullying detection and child protection( Inclusive safe and sustainable Digital Culture and skills)

Research Areas:

NLP for online safety, offensive content detection, child protection, NLP applications for the Irish language