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Amel Bennaceur, UL

Amel Bennaceur is a Software Engineer, Researcher, and Educator with 14+ years of experience in research and development, dedicated to making adaptive and intelligent systems trustworthy while ensuring their quality and resilience.

Some of her featured projects include Values@Runtime, Human-Robot collaboration, and Synthesis for the Internet of Things.

She has published more than 50 papers in top journals and conferences, including TSE, ISWC, Middleware, RE, and ECSA, covering research areas such as Software Engineering and Distributed Systems. Additionally, she serves as an investigator in several EU and National/EPSRC research projects.

She is interested in supervising projects related to: Collaboration between humans and AI, Software Engineering for AI systems, Value-Aware Software Engineering

Research Areas:

Software Engineering, Human-AI Collaboration,
Responsible Software, Adaptive Systems