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Steven Davy


Dr. Davy is the Research Centre Manager of the Centre for Sustainable Digital Technologies at TU Dublin. Dr. Davy has 15+ years experience in directing and leading research teams in ICT and AI, with significant experience leading in EU and National research and innovation projects. He leads the SFI Frontiers for Partnership Award on Sustainable Artificial Intelligence, which seeks to reduce lifetime energy usage of AI systems by 100x, by exploring a range of model optimisation and training techniques. He have experience in bringing high TRL innovations to market through commercialisations either through leveraging Enterprise Ireland funding or direct investment.

He is looking to supervise projects that will research and develop new energy efficient strategies to power the next large scale AI models. Currently large data centres use 18% of power usage in Ireland, with a significant proportion of this dedicated to black box AI models including personalisation, ads, recommendation, search and large language models. The project will seek to leverage edge data centres, co-located with renewable energy sources that can perform AI computations, distribution the complex workload of data centres.

Research Areas:

Artificial Intelligence, Sustainability, Data Centres, Energy Efficiency