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Silvana Togneri MacMahon


Silvana is a funded Investigator in Lero, the Science Foundation Ireland Research Centre for Software. She is currently serving as Chair of the National Standards Authority of Ireland Health Informatics Standards Committee and is an invited member of the NSAI Top Team for AI Standards providing recommendations to the Department of the Taoiseach through the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment. She is an impactful long term contributor (10+ years) to the ISO and IEC including as project leader and editor. Her research interests are: Health Information Technology Systems; Software Testing in Safety Critical Domains; and Software Engineering Best Practice. Her research delivers impact through international collaboration and multidisciplinary cross faculty engagement at a local level. She has directly trained Clinical and IT personnel on medical IT network best practice and has an established network of international research collaborators in 8 countries and additionally with various Irish Universities. She has received the NSAI 1997 Award and the Dundalk Institute of Technology President’s Award for Early Career Researcher.

Silvana would be interested in supervising projects that focus on risk management and data governance in health information systems. She would also be interested in the evolving standardisation and regulation activities for AI in Healthcare. Connected health solutions continue to evolve in their scope and the organisational and socio technical aspects around the implementation and maintenance of these systems require further research. The increasing need for interoperability of systems and a focus on the transfer and secondary use of health data has grown in importance since the pandemic and is a potential area of focus.

Research Areas:

Risk Management, Health Information Technology Systems, Standards, Data Governance, Interoperability