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Dr. Robert Ross is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Computer Science in TU Dublin and a Funded Investigator within the Adapt Centre. Dr. Ross’s interests lie primarily in the application of machine learning methods to embodied Human-Computer Interaction such as with robotic platforms, as well as more generally in applied machine learning in health and education. Robert has actives PhDs on topics including Active Listening in Tutorial Dialogues, Confusion Modelling in Human-Robot Interaction, Health Document Summarisation and Simplification, as well as Avatar Behaviours for Engaging Multimodal Communication. Outside of the interaction domain, Robert has also lead 4 collaborative research projects in the agriculture space working in topics such as body condition scoring, animal welfare, and edge computing for farm machinery. Dr. Ross holds a PhD in Situated Dialogue Systems for the University of Bremen in Germany, as well as an MSc and BSc in Computer Science & Experimental Physics from University College Dublin. Dr. Ross teaches courses on Deep Learning and Machine Learning methods as well as Advanced Topics in Computational Intelligence.
He is particularly interested in projects exploring the application of conversational systems — and in particular robotic and avatar platforms — in the healthcare space. He  is also very interested in long-term coaching systems that can supplement processes for long term health monitoring and support. More generally he is interested in the acquisition of data and its long term benefit to society.

Research Areas:

Healthcare assistants culture HRI monitoring