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Rem Collier

His core research interests lie at the intersection of Multi-Agent Systems (MAS), Semantic Web, and Microservices. He is particularly interested in the recently proposed area of Hypermedia MAS and the potential use of such technologies in modern software architecture. Areas in which he is applying these techniques include: Distributed Knowledge Graphs, Decision Support Tools, Digital Twins, and Agent-Based Modelling & Simulation.

Currently, he is working in the area of Precision Agriculture. He is the Lead-PI of CONSUS (Crop Optimisation through Sensing, Understanding and viSualisation), where he is working on a Cognitive Digital Twin, and a Co-PI on CAMEO (Creating an Architecture for Manipulating Earth Observation data), where he is working on Intelligent Data Processing Pipelines and applications of remote sensing in Agriculture. He currently leads a team of 2 Post-Doctoral Researchers, 3 Research Assistants, and 6 PhD students. To date, he has supervised 10 PhD students and 1 MSc student to completion.

Types of projects he is looking to supervise:
He is interested in working in an area that explores the intersection of Multi-Agent Systems, Semantic Web, and Microservices/Web architecture. Currently, he is working on the use of microservices architecture and linked data to construct distributed knowledge graphs and their integration with Multi-Agent Systems. One area he is interested in applying this approach is in the design of Cognitive Digital Twins; another area of interest is Urban Simulation. In general, he is open to working on any project that explores Web architecture and/or Multi-Agent Systems.

Research Areas:

Web Architecture, Multi Agent Systems, Microservices, Linked Data