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Noel Carroll, UoG


Noel Carroll is an Associate Professor in Business Information Systems and a Funded Investigator with Lero, the Science Foundation Ireland Research Centre for Software.

Noel received a University of Galway Strategic Fund and founded the Citizen Development Lab at the University of Galway (citizendevelopmentlab.com) which received the President’s Awards for Research Excellence (Team) in 2022.

His principal research expertise straddles across three key domains of research: (i) information systems; (ii) health informatics; and (iii) software engineering and has published in high quality journals and conferences.

Noel enjoys industry engagement and his interests include seeking ways to support organisations in developing digital transformation strategies in software development, digital innovation, and health informatics for multinationals, SMEs, and start-ups.

Research Areas:

He is interested in developing digital transformation research in a number of areas such as:
Digital transformations (process, theory, practice)
Digital health transformation
Digital transformation and AI
Digital transformation with low-code/no-code or citizen development
Digital transformation and process modelling techniques
Digital transformation and analytics”