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Katie Crowley

Dr Crowley graduated with a BSc in Computer Science from University College Cork and an MSc from University of Limerick. She was awarded IRCSET funding to complete a PhD in Computer Science in University College Cork on Affective Computing/Human Computer Interaction. During her research career, she has worked in a number of Irish universities including Trinity College Dublin (Neuroscience/Psychology), University College Cork (Computer Science/Psychology), University of Limerick (Computer Science/Computer & Electronic Engineering), and Munster Technological University (Computer & Electronic Engineering). She is actively involved in international research with academic and industry partners.

She has experience working with, and in industry, including securing national funding for industry partnerships (SFI). She has been a team member in multi-disciplinary international research projects co-funded by industry and national funding bodies and has led projects as Principal Investigator and Senior Researcher. Dr Crowley regularly works in interdisciplinary teams working across disciplines and domains, forging strategic relationships and multi-disciplinary partnerships, and building effective research consortia.

Types of projects he is looking to supervise:

Anything related to digital health, connected health, UI/UX, HCI etc. Currently working on projects relating to cancer, data visualisation, data governance and privacy/security of protected health information and technology enhanced care

Research Areas:

Health; technology-enhanced care; digital health; HCI; health informatics