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Gavin Doherty


Dr. Gavin Doherty is a Professor in the School of Computer Science and Statistics at Trinity College Dublin, and a Fellow of the College. He obtained his D.Phil. at the University of York, UK.

He conducts research in the area of Human Computer Interaction (HCI), with a focus on digital health, and leads the Health Technology Design Group at TCD. The ultimate goal of his research is to better understand human interactions with technology and use this understanding in the design of new technologies. In the area of digital mental health, he has led a team in the development of a series of innovative technology interventions that have had a profound impact on the delivery of digital mental health services worldwide.

He led the development of the SilverCloud platform for human-supported online mental health interventions, which has been used to deliver evidence-based interventions to over 1 million people. The focus of his work has been on supporting and extending the reach of mental health professionals and designing engaging systems in which clients have a greater degree of agency. Recent work has investigated human-centered approaches to the integration of machine learning in mental health. This work has involved collaboration with researchers in Intel, Microsoft Research, IBM Research, University of Newcastle, University of Cambridge, Cornell University, University of Minho (Portugal), Lancaster, KTH University College London, University of California Irvine, University of California Berkeley, and Imperial College London, among others. He is a Distinguished Member of the ACM and Chair of the ACM Distinguished Speakers Committee.

Types of projects he is looking to supervise:
He is interested in supervising projects in the design of innovative digital health applications for clinical environments and engagement with intelligent interventions. He is particularly interested in research on human-centered approaches to applying machine learning innovations in digital health and digital mental health, as well as the fairness and sustainability of such applications.

Research Areas:

Human-computer interaction, digital health, human-centered AI, mobile health, engagement