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Fabiano Pallonetto


Fabiano Pallonetto is a renowned expert in the field of renewable energy and sustainability. With over 20 years of experience, he has made significant contributions to the advancement of clean energy technologies and practices. Fabiano holds a Ph.D. in Engineering from UCD Energy Institute and is currently a professor at Maynooth University.

Throughout his career, Fabiano has led numerous research projects, both at the national and international level, focused on integrating renewable energy sources into the power grid, developing energy management systems, and promoting sustainable practices. His expertise extends to areas such as smart grid technologies, data analytics, and energy optimization.

Fabiano’s work has been widely recognized and published in prestigious journals, showcasing his commitment to rigorous research and innovation. He has also collaborated with leading industry partners and government agencies to translate his research findings into practical solutions that drive the transition to a low-carbon future.

As an accomplished academic, Fabiano is passionate about sharing his knowledge and expertise with students and young researchers. He actively mentors and supervises graduate students, fostering the next generation of professionals in the renewable energy sector.

With his multidisciplinary background in engineering, computer science, and business, Fabiano brings a holistic approach to his work, bridging the gap between academia, industry, and policy-making. His dedication to sustainable energy solutions and his leadership in research make him a respected figure in the field, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

Types of projects he is looking to supervise include:
1- Renewable Energy Integration: Developing innovative solutions to efficiently integrate renewable energy sources into existing systems, using data analytics and advanced energy integration techniques.
2 – Energy Management Systems: Designing intelligent systems to optimize energy generation, distribution, and consumption, leveraging data analytics and machine learning for efficient energy management.
3 – Sustainable Infrastructure: Implementing eco-friendly infrastructure solutions like smart buildings and energy-efficient cities, integrating data analytics for monitoring and optimizing energy usage.
4 – Energy Policy and Planning: Analyzing energy policies, conducting feasibility studies, and providing recommendations for sustainable energy planning, leveraging data analytics for informed decision-making.
5 – Energy Access and Equity: Improving access to clean and affordable energy in underserved communities, leveraging data analytics to develop inclusive and decentralized energy systems.

Research Areas:

Renewable Energy
Energy Systems
Energy Integration
Data Analytics
Sustainable Energy
Smart Grid
Energy Management
Energy Efficiency
Sustainable Mobility
Energy Policy
Energy Planning
Renewable Energy Integration
Energy Transition
Green Energy