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Claire Donohoe


Claire Donohoe is a graduate of TCD (2006) and a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland, specializing in resectional oesophagogastric cancer and general surgery at St James’ Hospital Dublin. She has completed two international fellowships in minimally invasive and OG cancer surgery in Newcastle (UK) and OHSU (USA).

During her clinical training, she achieved a PhD qualification in molecular oncology (U Dubl, 2013). As a Clinical Senior Lecturer at Trinity College Dublin, she holds a Health Research Board Applying Research into Policy and Practice grant. Her research focuses on exploring the immune contexture of oesophageal adenocarcinoma and its role in responses to neoadjuvant treatment. From a digital perspective, her research interests involve using OMOP to contribute to federated real-world evidence datasets within a trusted research environment. Additionally, she is interested in digitizing information acquisition from patients, including patient-reported outcome measures in clinical oncology. Her h-index is 33, and her i-10 index is 61.

She is interested in supervising projects aligned with her research interests- ie clinically relevant data acquisition using digital methods as well as harnessing clinical data to populate research data repositories using ETL and NLP technologies for federated real world evidence generation.

Research Areas:

Real world evidence, OMOP, patient reported outcomes measures